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Really? I mean, REALLY? - 90%

Rotting_Christ_Mike, September 29th, 2011

Okay Enslaved, I get it! You're trying to make my mind explode, eh? Well, you almost achieved it! What a band! What's happening here is like a gift from above. We got a full-length exactly a year ago and through this year we were offered a great single, then a killer EP and now WE GET A SECOND EP! Just like the good old days! Remember when bands existed exclusively because people loved to play music and create? Remember when we got tons of releases and did not have to wait 3-4 years for every release? Well, those are the days I'm talking about! This is yet another delicious surprise by the legends from Norway.

Released only on Vinyl and limited to 1000 copies, this is a treat not to be missed, and I'm pretty sure I won't be regretting my choice to buy this release. This will surely make for a nice little collector's item! Now, let's talk about the music, shall we?

The sound of this release is fucking oldschool. This could have easily come out of the early 90s' and can easily be placed among the early Enslaved demos and EPs. The production is raw and everything sounds like it's coming from far away. The atmosphere that is created is amazing and the feelings that are evoked are really great. It's been a really long time since a raw black metal release moved me so much. I would say that the dominating instrument on these song is the keyboard. The songs are pretty much keyboard-laden but that does not in any way mean that the guitars are not present. It is true that sometimes they may be overshadowed and covered by the synth melodies, but you can still hear them, they are lurking right behind the corner, ready to shred you into pieces! The vocals are perfect once again and the tortured shrieks and screams are fucking killer. The drum work is spot on although not always so varied. The bass gives a nice deep bottom, just what is needed for the sound to be completed!

A gloomy, eerie atmosphere is created and your mind is tricked into thinking it's in a lonely, desolate forest somewhere in the cold North. This release will probably not be enjoyed by most fans of the recent Enslaved material, since this has nothing to to with the polished production of the band's latest progressive/psychedelic rock experiments. Yes, everyone is familiar with the harsh vocals, but most of the fans that have only explored the recent releases by Enslaved, are probably not ready to absorb this raw, primitive and dark masterpiece. In conclusion, this release is meant to be enjoyed by the die-hard Enslaved fans like me, who enjoy the sound of the early Norwegian scene. The price for this is one of the most reasonable prices I have ever seen and the content of this Vinyl is surely worthy enough of the 7 euros that I have spent for it.