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still strong... - 85%

vorth, April 25th, 2006

I did expect much from Enslaved - though they've achieved much and may feel pretty tired and depleted, they are somehow obliged to create good music. Thus, "Ruun" was another test of how good Enslaved is. And they've passed it - I'm very sure.

I was always in awe of Enslaved's ability to find their way. Again, their choice of the path they go was good - the band took another step forward, though this time differences are smaller. Actually I believe that everyone knows what to expect from Enslaved now - and no-one will be disappointed. The music is still progressive, atmospheric, it may have become a bit lighter but it's still a metal album for sure.

It needs to be said clearly: this is not another killer album from Enslaved. It's not as good as "Isa" or "Mardraum" (though this was pretty different music), but it is comparable to "Monumension", for example. The first three songs here, "Entroper" and "Path to Vanir" have already joined the group of Enslaved's classics, at least for me - fantastic riffs and atmosphere, some kind of sense... Next tracks are not that good, but still keep the high level.

"Ruun" is a perfect follower of "Isa" and develops Enslaved even more. It has its own secure place in the hierarchy of the band's albums and makes another proof that Enslaved is still full of energy and ideas.