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On second thought, let's not go to Yggdrasill - 33%

firebee1, June 6th, 2008

I've seen Enslaved before so I can say straight away that they aren't bad live. It's not their live show that makes this so not good. There's two flaws with this, one minor and one incredibly major.

First off, it's pretty short and doesn't have many songs from their older and equally awesome material like Eld and Vikingligr Veldi. The set is five songs Isa out of eight with the other three being a song each off of Monumension, Below The Lights, and Frost. This makes Jotunblod (off of Frost album) the only old song here, which is disappointing because old Enslaved was fantastic in a much different way than later stuff and Jotunblod isn't even that great of a song from that album! They would've been much better off with Loke. Anyway, this isn't that big of a problem, know why? Cus Isa was fucking awesome and we get five great songs off of it.

This brings me to the second problem, the one that really kills the joy to be had from watching this. The sound has been so incredibly polished and spruced up that it sounds like a studio recording. There isn't a single slight trace of reverberation here. Why is this bad? It's a fucking live video, indoor live shows have a load of that audio recoil that lets the band be heard from all round the place. The polished sound quality diminishes the live presence greatly and makes it sound like a crappy studio recording. Of course they put the reverb back between songs while Grutle talks to the crowd so that their cheers can be heard, otherwise there'd just be a bunch of horns going into the air in silence.

If I'm getting a video of a live show, I want it to sound like a live show. If I want to hear the songs in their crisp original quality, I'll do just that.