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Atmopheric black ambience - 86%

Navnlos, April 8th, 2008

I loved the album. It was quite different than the extremely progressive Viking/black metal mix that I was used to with Enslaved. The production value is at its absolute LOWEST of any Enslaved album I have heard so far. It's their first venture into black metal and they do a great job. In a lot of ways this album didn't really make me think "metal" much, but that wasn't a bad thing. The songs are very atmospheric. If you like lo-fi then you might know what I'm talking about this and might additionally like this album. There's not much vocals and they are pretty muffled, but that goes well with the atmosphere. No idea what instruments they used to create all the sounds and what not in the background. Makes you feel like you're surrounded by fog. It's not even evil sounding, though; it's just very dark. Most black metal has an evil sound which is why I found this album interesting, coming from one of the first bands of the 2nd Wave of black metal but not sounding that evil. The drums are pretty muffled, too, actually. Everything sounds pretty muffled on the album but mostly the drums and vocals. Most of the songs are at a very slow pace, there is no ferocity in their music, only dark ambience. The guitars are pretty simplistic for the most part but they play some interesting slightly creepy sounding riffs that almost sound upbeat at times (very unusual for black metal). There's an almost constant low hum in the background on all the songs. It almost reminds me of Dakrthrone, but totally lacking as far as ferocity and speed go, but that takes nothing away from this album. The outro I especially liked, where a haunting slow keyboard melody is played that makes me think of forests, water and winter. Great ambience and great atmosphere to this album. A must for any fans of black metal or dakr/atmospheric ambience. Hell, I'd reccomend it to people who don't even like those things. But don't expect any evil sounding music. It's a very unique album.

Sorry if this review wasn't the greatest, it's my first!