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Ode To Vikings - 89%

Human666, September 14th, 2007

If I had to describe this demo with only one word, it would be "gloomy". This somehow forgotten demo showcases a young and ambitious band perpetuating their first creation in the norwegian black metal scene, after leaving their death metal band 'Phobia' to create something different and help to establish the "true" black metal as we know it today: dark, cold and unconventional.

The overall sound of this demo is fuzzy, a complete opposite from their future releases. This demo is actually the most primitive and minimalist form of 'Enslaved', both in production (or less of) and songwriting, though this demo still sounds singular and different from the typical black metal scene, as usual for 'Enslaved'.

First track is a monotonous atmospheric keyboards section with some growls and whispers at the background, building quite good atmosphere and leading us to the first real song 'Himneskir Fatækir'. The riffing is well constructed and hypnotizing and there is enough variety and breaks that makes this song sounds a bit complex. The keyboards also fitting perfectly with the guitars and increases a darker feeling within the cold mood of this song. 'Himnsekr fateks' is another ambitious and complex song but this one doesn't have a real impressive climax. However it still well constructed and atmospheric, not a bad track overall. The demo finishes with another keyboards section which is very atmospheric and well executed, a great ambient track which closes this demo in a very fascinating mood.

'Nema' is an imaginative and innovative piece of work which sounds even singular today and was an important creation in the burgeoning of the black metal scene. For 1991 you won't find anything sounds like this demo, neither today.