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Some kick ass shit, with a few minor downsides - 93%

Wikingus, August 16th, 2004

Let's start at the beginning.
-Great design, the booklet is a little bit Spartan but heck, you can't have it all.

-The intro menu is great. Good graphics, the best title music possible (the Outro from Monumension), easy to navigate.

-All the other menus are good to navigate as well, although some content is obviously included only to fill up the DVD (like logos and stuff like that)

-The concert was filmed in Poland. The lighting is good, so is the sound. Enslaved perform brilliantly, and the setlist is also very good, save for the lack of any Eld songs, but that is strictly a personal opinion. Oh, and not many people are headbanging or moshing...I guess they didn't sell alcohol at the gig :o)

-The interview gives good insight into Enslaved and I absolutely love it, save for one detail: WHERE THE HELL DID THE INTERVIEWER LEARN ENGLISH? I know it was obviously done by one of the Poles, but come on...they could have at least voiced him over when putting the DVD together.

-Discography and stuff. Good!

-Extra stuff include screensavers, etc. Your standard stuff basically, but with one extra goodness. Never before released Enslaved songs! Some first class stuff!

The general impression of this DVD is one of getting absolutely immersed in the songs of Enslaved and their life work. Whenever I play this thing, I am transported to a different time and place. Oh let's say Scandinavia, about 1000 years ago:)

I give it 93/100. Keep it up, Enslaved!