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A Black Metal evolution - 93%

Virella, December 9th, 2004

This guys take a lot of risks in their music. From Viking/Black Metal to Progressive Black Metal, you really have to admire this guys for doing something unique and different for the genre.

Isa is an album that still has that Black Metal spirit, but experiments using riffs and drum patterns from other genres as well. Enslaved has always been a band with no limits, and are not afraid to add their own spice. Here are my descriptions for some of Isa’s songs:

“Intro: Green Reflection”: Kind of a tecno-ish intro. Nothing much I have to say about it, it’s cool.

“Lunar Force”: The first time I heard this song, I thought Enslaved had gone doom on this album, cause some of the riffs on this song just seem too depressive, I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s true, but that sense of doom gives the songs kinda of dark feel to it, and it helps build suspense for when the hard parts start to rip through your stereo.

“Isa”: My second favorite song on the album. This song has a romantic element to it, I guess because the lyrics are talking about a women his trying to forget, I dunno, but that’s what I got from reading them. Anyway, the song follows the typical song structure “verse, chorus, verse, chorus”, even with that in mind it’s still a good song, and the lyrics are pretty cold if you read them carefull, and in my case I can relate to them, something I couldn’t do other bands that only write Satanic mambo-jumbo.

“Return To Yggdrasill”: My favorite song, this song just radiates some kind of tranquility when the acoustic parts kick in. It leaves me in a kind of trance that slowly, but surely, takes me into the hard riffs of the song. This song features clean vocals that are just great, no complaints there, and of course the Black Metal vocals that are just as good. Everytime I hear this song it takes me away in some kind of day dream, how many songs do that!? Especially a BM song?!?! Come on!!

“Secrets of the Flesh”: An instrumental track, it follows the same riffs, but their nice and have a rock n’ roll feel to them.

“Reogenesis”: The longest song in the album, and also the longest. It starts with clean vocals and a slow beat, but after some time, the song kicks in into high gear with it’s blues-influenced riffs, and that is a pretty nice touch, it kinda helps giving the song a spacey-ambient feel. At the end of the song that’s when you can really hear the blues-riffs take over, making the listener just how diverse and unique Enslaved are. And oh yeah, at the end of the song you get to hear another set of those trance-inducing riffs!!

The rest of the songs I didn’t cover are great too, just that this songs are the ones I liked the most. Let’s hope Black Metal will follow Enslaved’s footsteps.