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black metal highlights - 94%

vorth, June 6th, 2005

Enslaved is what I like black metal - progression, atmosphere and mystery - three words that make perfect black metal album. Sadly, there only few such BM records and "Frost" is surely one of them.

With "Frost" my thoughts travel to the elder lands once inhabited by those barbarian tribes - the lands of frost and wild nature. Ah... how I love thinking of the dark ages. Probably I am not the only one who does - and for those of you, who do - this is a perfect recording.

From the music side, "Frost" is much more than just atmospheric black metal. Yes - classic black metal stuff like rustling guitars, blastbeats and growls are still here, but this is only the base for what Enslaved builds of music. Advanced keyboards, acoustics, clean and very recognisable, majestic singing, complicated riffs and many other - this is what makes this album original and interesting. Even if you want to hear just BM in this music - you will get confused by how it differs from everything else.

What is surprising, "Frost" is not only original - it is also various in itself, but always at the top level.

For those who love black metal magic - run for this cd!