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Brilliant Work. - 95%

crusthead, August 25th, 2006

"Frost" are one of those few albums that are worthy of being called "epic". This masterpiece starts off with the title track, a beautiful atmospheric instrumental track that sets the stage for this classic album. This atmosphere grows until the essence of the album manifests...exploding with furious riffing and blastbeats as a tortured voice screams into your ears, bringing alive the dark track known as "Loke".

As I discovered for myself, songwriting on this album is magnificient. The synth elements, bass solos and the occasional clean vocals found at various points in the album all add to the albums many dimensions. I found this album so awesome because of the multitude of elements. These make the album unique, compared to other BM that are monotonous and turn tedious after a while.

Soundwise, the production is EXCELLENT. The guitars and drums are just right in the mix, and the bass is heard rumbling away in the background. Even in the vocals there are so many variations...from raspy shrieks to clean singing to spoken parts.

With Frost, these Norwegian Black metallers have created a phenomenal album combining melody, speed, atmosphere and aggresion. I have enjoyed very few other BM albums to such an extent. This is a must have.