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Atmospheric and enjoyable album - 79%

Human666, April 6th, 2007

This is a pretty enjoyable album with some atmosphere in it. There are a lot keyboards here and they done pretty well, they really sounds unseparated from the songs themselves and they usually put in the right place for the right purpose.

The intro 'Frost' is instrumental done with synth. It's a pretty mysterious one with some choirs backing the main theme. It's a slow one and you'll begin to like it after a several listenings. 'Loke' begins exactly where the former track stopped, but it changes the whole atmosphere from side to side. It's a fast and brutal song with some simple and raw riffs. There is also a nice mid break and the ending is pretty creepy with some evil and harsh laughters. 'Fenris' begins with a short echoed declamation. It develops pretty good until the first verse and then it's continues with some great riffs and intense drumming to the whole song. 'Yggdrasil' is a nice relaxing song between all the brutal riffs and drumming. It has clean vocals all the way, it keeps a slowly tempo and clean pluckings for the first two minutes and then it changes a bit with some distorted guitars and more heated vocals, but they are still clean and the song still remains pretty slow. It's awesome track, maybe the best here, it has a unique viking spirit into it and you can feel a chilled atmosphere with winds, mountains and deep forests.

'Frost' really brings with him a unique feeling of frost, it's a wonderful atmospheric experience, but it's a bit overlong. Anyway, if you looking for a good atmospheric and raw black metal album, I'm pretty sure you'll like this one!