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Very Solid Norwegian Viking Black Metal! - 95%

Andrzej, August 18th, 2003

This is Enslaved's first release on Osmose productions. Instead of a few lengthy epics like in Vikingligr Veldi, Frost has 9 songs, some of them only 4 or 5 minutes long. Musically, they have lost some of that "raw" sound that was effective on their demos and Vikingligr Veldi, but the new sound still works very well. But they certainly haven't sacrificed any speed, the songs Wotan, Loke, and Jotunblod especially go at a breakneck pace. Some songs, like Fenris, offer very interesting changes in pace. It starts off pretty slow, then gradually speeds up a bit, then at about 3:30, vocalist Grutle Kjellson growls menacingly and drummer Trym leads a speed assault that lasts for the remainder of the song. The songs Isöders dronning and Yggdrasil both make good use of accoustic guitar, several of the songs have catchy synth bits, and Ivar Bjørnson's guitar work is solid throughout. Spoken vocals that I enjoyed so much, especially on the Hordanes Land song "Slaget i skogen bortenfor," return for a little bit at the end of Isöders dronning.So overall a very good release from Enslaved. Although their later work became very experimental and the vocals became more philosophical and in English, Frost is a good example of classic Norwegian viking black metal.