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In the name of Evil - 75%

_Agony_and_Pain_, March 26th, 2014

This release features 2 bands that have been present in the Greek black metal scene for many years.

Starting of with Enshadowed and their track named "The Call", I understand that it is a track typical of the Enshadowed style of not also songwriting and atmosphere but also sound. The track is more than excellent, featuring a strong and solid production with aggressive drumming (maybe the volume of the drums is too high for my taste) and guitar riffing that some times is pretty rough while others "orthodoxier". Overall, the track offers a feeling of satisfaction with its high quality in production and songwriting.

Burial Hordes and their track "Necromantic" hits you like a punch in the face from the very beginning and features a punch-like solidity in their music.
The drumming, as aggressive as the precedent track, the strong guitar riffing and the music and the rhythmic alteration in combination with the aggressive vocals by Cthonos create a musical outcome with complete harmony that will surely satisfy the most demanding of black metal fans.

The cover art in this release is very nice, smart and utterly suitable with the atmosphere these 2 bands create with their music.

The only drawback is that this release features only one song from each band, but the outcome is really great. It really deserves to be checked-out by any black metal fan.