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Magic Chaos Psychedelia - 93%

eonblack, May 1st, 2014

Enshadowed, after a long drawn out period (from their previous full-length) of anticipation deliver their brightest work in their career thus far. I seize now this opportunity to state that their relatively low recognition up until this point should no longer be excusable. The band seems to fully understand the road that today's black metal has taken by creating an interesting and commendable album.

By compounding their influences skillfully (the way Behemoth do) and by pairing stiff, "sharp", and yet melodic guitars, they achieve an extremely unique and promising style. A little something that any listener will appreciate from the beginning till the end of this full- length is the vocals that are emphatic, but not exaggerated, and the clever drumming (not another album filled with pointless blast beat after blast beast). Especially the stretched screams (e.g. Black Holes, Death Planets) make the album sound vaguely intimate. I really enjoy the "clean", modern production and how all the instruments are audible.

One of the most stressful and probably pointless obligations of any reviewer (apart from categorizing music in general) is to come up with clever words to describe each album they try to represent. For the sake of all of us , Enshadowed are making my day easier by coming up with a clever title for their album. Chaos is created by the harmonized riff rotations in parallel with the rhythm guitars in the background. As for magic and “psychedelia’’, in a few words they "borrow" the feeling (not necessarily techniques or the general approach) of bands like Mortuus and Watain. Also for some reason they remind me a little bit of "In the Streams of Inferno" by Mysticum.

The fact that Magic Chaos Psychedelia is an album that's hard to resist will most likely make a wide variety of black metal fans will enjoy it. Obviously I recommend this album to everyone so that they form their own opinion.