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Depressing! - 95%

Velvokai, February 13th, 2005

Enshade plays very depressing, midpaced black metal with a few doom influences.
The album sounds a bit like Weltmacht’s And To Every Beast Its Prey, except with better production, and more depressing.
Shad does a really good job at arranging seemingly different riffs, and makes them sound nice. Almost every song on that album has a slow and a faster part.
The Last Sunset, I Shall Not See is an acoustic interlude.
The guitars are somewhat hidden in the production most of the time, but they come out to shine in all their black metal glory once in a black moon. The keyboards are mostly used for intros, but they are audible throughout the songs. The drums sound like a drum machine to me, but it could be just the production. They don’t stand out as anything spectacular; pretty standard black metal drumming, with a few twists. The vocals are a bit too distorted, but still you can make out what most of the lyrics (which are in Russian) are. The bass is quiet in the mix (surprise surprise!).
Standouts: Colder that the Night, Out of Life, Snowfall in April.

The word "Bleak" doesn't quite cover it.... - 97%

Varcolac, August 29th, 2004

This was free to DL from the Enshade site until recently and is amazing - utterly cold and emotional black metal in the vein of Burzum (surprise surprise) Abyssic Hate and Shining. It has a real originality to the riffs though which shimmer with a silver haze throughout this album. The vocals are as screechy as you'd expect and the arrangement is suprisingly clean for a one man band - it's a million miles from Xasthur or Nortt in production terms but will please fans of both bands just as much.

Shad should make some more music as soon as he is able because this album is fantastic, one of my favourites definately. He also needs to get some better photos taken of himself than the one on this site! That student look will put some people off i guess - but ignore that and listen to the damn music!

If i ever have the money i'll start a label just to release this masterpiece so that the world can hear it properly....