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Enigmatic Path - 69%

Acidchrist, June 8th, 2014

Enigmatic Path is a modern thrash metal album with some progressive elements, but it is hard to place a definitive genre tag as there is little information available on the ideology of the band.

The melodies and songwriting are top notch, and a lot of effort went into the songwriting on this release. The vocal performance is a nice blend of 80s thrash vocals, power metal wails, calmer clean singing and the occasional heavier growl. Some of the lyrics are very personal, but the word choices are occasionally questionable. "Crazy/But that is who I am" on Venomous Creation elicits a bit of a chuckle. Sometimes the singing is a bit flat, but a lot of it is really polished and I'm surprised that I haven't heard him on anything before.

This album really shines when the drummer and guitarist are in tight synchronization, and it generally grooves quite nicely - if unusually. There are some parts where the drums and the guitars don't quite match up, and this is especially true of fills and longer transitions. The parts on the guitars keep flowing and it sounds as if the drummer is having a bit of trouble keeping up with the frantic pace of the guitarist, who clearly recorded with a click track. The drums are generally satisfying, but I can't help but feel that with a bit of practice together the band could really get a lot groovier than they already are. Though the drums don't exactly sync always, let's not forget that this is a genre that allows for classics from bands such as Venom and Hellhammer who have regrettable timing but admirable ferocity, and with an open mind the drums can really take on a strange charm.

The guitar playing is really the best part of this album, and this gives it a classic heavy metal feel, but the melodies are really quite sinister in contrast with the more upbeat feel of the vocals and drums. Philip, the guitarist, has worked on the death metal projects Mild Mannered Misogyny and Viopsy, and the black metal project Desiderium in the past. These dark past works show through the cracks in the glossier production of this project. Philip has a new and unique melodic sensibility, and I would like to hear a release from this band featuring lengthier guitar solos. Enigmatic Path is an enigmatic album, and it deserves a listen from anyone curious just to hear the bizarre and disparate elements come together into a mostly cohesive whole.