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Engorged never disappoints - 93%

slasher47, February 2nd, 2012

I am a fan of every Engorged release, all the way back to their first tape, and as much as they might have changed, they have never lost their sound. Where Monsters Dwell is the most solid sounding release by Engorged, focusing on their death metal tones, grinding when appropriate, while also being fused with speed metal. On this album they base their lyrics off of classic horror movies, as well as old school cartoons.

The solos on this album as well as every Engorged album are amazing and unique, they always shred, and are never predictable.There is not a song from this album that I do not enjoy, and as an overall album it is great, not suddenly stopping, and not ending abruptly. On the song "Chaingang" Rob Fornicator and Gurge(Lord Gore, Frightmare) do guest vocals, which brings you to almost a goregrindy feel, but still never stops thrashing. Engorged is not one to carry the typical mid pace death thrash Razorback Records sound that a lot of people might expect. Engorged actually was the first band ever signed to Razorback, and is very unique compared to most Razorback bands, and are always bringing high energy to every release.

If you are new to Engorged I would probably begin with this album and work your way back, and remember, watch the skies!