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From awesome to awful - 64%

belegur13, January 19th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2002, CD, No Escape Records

I sometimes wonder if this release should have been just a Fuck I'm Dead EP. Their songs might only tally up about 10 minutes or so, but it would be 10 minutes of awesome and not 26 minutes of awesome followed by mediocrity. However, I was not familiar with Engorged prior to hearing this and now I know all I pretty much need to about the latter band, which saves me time.

Fuck I'm Dead provide the goods, of course. Every track is ferocious, battering and fast with vocals that sound inhuman and riffs that challenge you to keep up with them. The drums might be programmed but that doesn't stop them from sounding good. Tracks like Ruthless Aggression and the fantastic Gore Ridden effectively summarize what this band is about - smashing your head in and making you enjoy it. Closing track Force Red Brutality neatly ties it all up while still leaving you hungry for more.

Engorged on the other hand provide nothing memorable. Indeed the only highlight was the Halloween 6 sample from Death Metal Attack 2000, which is unsurprisingly also the best song they had to offer on this split. The rest of their contributions are generic and not engaging, with the exception of some fairly decent guitar solos. Too bad, they sound like they could provide something worthwhile if they put more effort into it (having not heard anything else by them, for all I know they may have).

I suppose it goes without saying this split is really only recommendable for Fuck I'm Dead. Engorged are best background music but I have the feeling most listeners will be turning it off before they start. Can't say I blame them. A well-deserved 96% for Fuck I'm Dead, a generous 32% for Engorged.

FID get serious, Engorged sorely disappoint - 41%

immortalshadow666, July 30th, 2006

What could have been one of the potentially most devastatingly brain-damaging splits in the history of recorded music, tragically fails to deliver its massive potential.

A brief band history. Fuck…I’m Dead, a short-lived Australian band with a colossal worldwide following, especially considering their short period of time as a band. Renowned especially for their use of a drum machine during live performances, hilariously over-the-top song titles, and generally vicious combination of grindcore and modern thrash with melodic parts. Engorged – generic, but a great example of the modern gore-thrash style that many metal fans have, for some strange reason, taken a shine to. On this split, Fuck…I’m Dead have the first 8 tracks, with the last 5 going to the American Engorged.

The Australians kick the disc off with a short instrumental, “Horrendous Bowel Evacuation”. Lovable title, and a solid couple of thrashy riffs with no blasts, a good introduction, but that’s about all it’s got the potential to do.

Anal Abbatoir is next and hell, is this ever brutal. At 1:42, it’s Fuck… I’m Dead’s longest track to date and it’s also the most ferocious. Jay’s snarling and screaming is not just intense, it’s beyond furious. The riffs are something else on this one. This is one of the major highlights.

After you retrieve your head from over the other side of the room, the much shorter, but no less brutal, Enemosity comes up next on the bill. This is possibly the most intense track FID has ever written, it’s up there with “Barefoot and Shitfaced” from the full-length, and the previous track of this split.

The next highlight, Flesh Feast starts with a catchy gore-ish riff with a hint of melody, and it builds up the song well, before suddenly the onslaught returns to pummel your ears. Never have I heard something go from a mid-tempo song to – as the band dub themselves – 666bpm without cutting of the flow of the song, but the Aussies manage to do it here. This is possibly the highlight track of the album, and if not, it certainly ranks up there. Switching between mid-tempo and blindingly fast for the rest of the song, a great track.

The last track worth mentioning is the excruciating “Force Red Brutality”. Perhaps the noisiest tune on the album, but also in FID’s career, and dare I say it, the history of fucking grind. Jay is at his utterly excruciating best here, and some of the drum fills are so violent and fast I can’t even put them into words. Really, I can’t. If this track had been about 40 seconds long that would have even sufficed, but the length is more than double that, so this song is one of the most likely songs in existence to actually kill you because of whatever convulsions or heart problems were aggravated while listening to it.

Something interesting to note is that 5 of Fuck…I’m Dead’s tracks are between 1:20 and 1:27 – and the last 5 of their share of the CD, at that – but the songs sound nothing alike. Each song sounds completely different to the last, they sound fresh and exciting, but still familiar with those sick vocals and varied, experimental drum beats – most especially for a drum machine!

Now for Engorged. If Engorged had started off this EP instead of being placed second, I might have been a little less generous than I’m being here. Admittedly, they didn’t stand a chance against the Aussie grind behemoths, but it’s still no excuse for the absolute and utter crap that are pressed onto this record.

“Vomiting Butchers Redux” is just complete rubbish. It makes no use of any potential it has for speed or intensity, and serves to be one of the biggest waste of 88 seconds ever recorded. Seriously, this is an absolute joke of a track.

The next track, “Death Metal Attack 2000”, is not much better. It starts off with the most irritating sample – some whingeing little American kid, followed by the same things I despised about the previous track, just about half a minute longer, therefore, half a minute extra to hate. Fuzzy power chords, boring backbeats on the drums.

In fact, I can’t even be arsed wasting my time reviewing this festering camel dick of a “contribution”. Let me just say don’t even bother listening to this side of the disc. Do not waste your time listening to this lame excuse for a band.

As a whole disc, this is undoubtedly ferocious grind, but not enough to keep you coming back for more on a frequent basis, like the debut Fuck…I’m Dead full length. Engorged are just plain boring and uninspiring, and Fuck I’m Dead are by absolutely no means bad, but there is just something missing compared to their last performance. There is very little of the mosh pit groove which propelled them to such massive fame with their debut album, and a considerably higher ratio of brutality. They seem a bit too tight on this recording, and not the good kind of tight.

Fuck…I’m Dead – 78%. Not as fun, but still top-notch Aussie grindcore and will please a wider range of grindheads and metal fans alike.

Engorged – 3%. The only redeeming feature here is that they did manage to get on to a split with Fuck…I’m Dead. That counts for the 3%; if this had been an EP by itself, I simply would have given it zero, doused it in petrol, lit it on fire, flushed the ashes down the toilet, then spat down the toilet. It really is that bad.

So the average, and thus final, score is 41%. Fuck…I’m Dead must be careful with who they choose to do split CDs with in the future, because they may as well have just used this as an EP for themselves. It would have got a less scathing score from me, and would have kept me in the dark as to one of the lamest and most effortless performances ever. Definitely get this disc; but only for the first band on here.