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Groovy kind of progression. - 73%

Corimngul, April 7th, 2005

Superholic is according to my sources heavier than Engine’s debut. And they seem to do heavy good. People looking for a Fates Warning clone should look another way, this is nowhere close. Well perhaps if you remove the power metal and the technical stuff, throw in a real thick groove and hardrock elements, maybe. The groove is very prominent; it moves one’s body with an untamed force. Clearly headbangable. Engine also mixes melody with the dark, aggressive, very heavy groove nicely. And Adler always sings in a melody.

According to Adler himself, much more aggressive than on your usual Fates Warning album, this is more like his live sound. And it’s all right; it just doesn’t stretch out enough. The guitars glisten and gleam, letting you know that Bernie Versailles know how to play easy interesting. What stands out is the magic groove-making man Joey Vera. He’s talent impersonated. The drummer, most notorious for being in Halford’s band without releasing anything, varies and shifts drums often. He’s good, but far from the stellar qualities of Vera.

Now Engine doesn’t deserve to be lumped together with your standard progressive metal band, as Engine is much heavier. There’s no thrash in here, just heavy, groovy metal – far away from groovecore and nu-metal bands if anyone had second thoughts. Engine should try making it more diverse next time. Now the Cure-cover truly stands out, but it’s about the only song to do so.