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This truly is a diamond - 86%

ralfikk123, April 22nd, 2011

I first heard of Enforcer when they released their first album which was an amazing release that gave me goosebumps every time I listened to it. The album was great and for quite some time it was the main CD I listened to. I thought that the dudes could not top it anymore and would release something sub par and very mediocre. Upon discovering that they were making a new album I wanted to hear it and I hoped my thoughts were completely wrong. It turned out that with songs such as "Midnight Vice", "High Roller", "Roll the Dice", "Take Me To Hell" and "Nightmares" the album is an even bigger improvement over the debut.

The above songs I've mentioned are very impressive. What one song lacks, the others make up for it in superb ways. If I wouldn't known any better I would actually think that these songs were recorded back in the 80's which is what's so special about this release. The entire vibe of the album is very retro and it actually makes you feel like you are in your room 30 years earlier, sharing a cigarette with your buddies, and head banging like crazy. The bass is very audible, the guitars are in standard tuning, and the vocalist actually sings, what more can you ask for?

Being a vocalist myself I am not too fond of instrumentals and I can never fully understand why a band would leave out a song with out lyrics. Maybe it's writers block, maybe it's laziness, but that doesn't matter. Now just like with the previous release, the band has given us an instrumental which is actually pretty good. It starts out fast and the riffs are fun, ultimately ending with a very slow/soft passage that fades out. Now I just can't take the fact that this song would have been ten times better if there were vocals included. Although the song is good, I won't find myself listening to it a lot since it's an instrumental, and with out vocals it's boring after awhile. "Running In Menace" is a good song that takes a slower approach but still is kick ass. It has a very catchy chorus and lets you slow down and appreciate the music.

Having went over most of the things on the album, I am left with two of the strongest tracks on the album which also happen to be my two personal favorites from the album. "Katana" and "Walk With Me" are two 6 minute long epics that blow my frikking mind. One is about swords and the mighty samurai, while the other is about something really redundant and too philosophical to understand. How more metal can this be? This is where the album really shines. Who doesn't love 6 minute long songs about the most bad ass things ever?

Having rambled on for a good few paragraphs, I must say that this album is a very solid release that every metal head should hear. Regardless of your style, whether it be death, thrash, or even black, you need to hear this, you will like it. This is where the trad metal revival is at, this is where it all re-begins.