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Diamonds are Forever - 90%

MEGANICK89, September 7th, 2011

Riding the wave of traditional heavy metal, Enforcer is one the many bands trying to reignite the spark Iron Maiden and other stalwarts of the eighties brought to the heavy metal scene nearly thirty years ago. The important aspect about Enforcer is that while they yearn for the studs and leather of yesteryear; their heavy metal spirit and originality pushes them towards the front of the pack in the new splash of bands.

The Swedes chuck out speed metal mastery with lighting charges of furious metal and blazing guitars. The guitars have a thick, heavy tone that is easy to digest, while solid drumming and sweet bass lines intersect. The meat of the album is with the guitars and vocals because they shine and give the impression that this was released in 1985.

“Diamonds” goes for the throat immediately with “Midnight Vice”, a fast number with the great hook and is a perfect example of how to start an album. Olaf Wikstrand utilizes the highest plains with his vocal attack and is prominent throughout the album. His energy flows very nicely with the accelerated charges of his band mates.

This album is at its best with the longer songs found on here. The variation of leads and blasting delivery of “Katana” along with a great chorus makes this one a standout. “Walk With Me” is another fine song with a nice intro bass line courtesy of Tobias Lindkvist and the vocal melody is engaging. The overall broodiness of the song separates it from the other songs.

The title track is also an instrumental and is flowing with the Maiden influence. The similarities to “Transylvania” are conspicuous; however the Swedes take it down a notch near the end by slowing it down and relax the mood. It sounds kind of weird, but it flows well and shows they are not afraid of changing things up a bit.

The rest of the album is pure and simple fun. It does not reach a point of being watered down as each song has its own distinct way of engaging the listener whether it’s a chorus, guitar riff, or blazing solo. The up-tempo beats make for grade A head-banging. “High Roller” and “Running in Menace” have all the qualities one would want for straight-up heavy metal and the twin guitar attack of Adam Zaars and Joseph Thall is impressive.

“Diamonds” is a great sophomore album from Enforcer. The take no prisoner’s attitude and high energy metallic assault makes this one of the best from the new era of heavy metal. The opening song is an indicator what one are going to hear and “Katana” and “Walk With Me” round out an impressive metal storm. Enforcer is creating their path with traditional metal; and if this album is any indication, they will make a huge impression.