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Enforcer - At the End of the Rainbow

Find The Gateway To Forevermore - 80%

CHAIRTHROWER, June 3rd, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Nuclear Blast

Although it's not a leprechaun's elusive pot of gold, Enforcer's latest 2021 single, abreast of last year's brief yet thrilling "Kiss Of Death", hints of stentorian formative return in auriferous vein of Diamonds, Death By Fire and From Beyond, for the upcoming future - alongside August(e) fulfilment of Savage Master's fourth album. Auspiciously titled At The End Of The Rainbow, the reputable Swedish "nwothm" purveyor of old's latest act of redemption following glamorous mediocrity of 2019's non-climatic "Zenith" pushes it back up next to fellow national Screamer, for want of a tidily arisen throne aspirant.

Both induce excitement for fresh full-length material, even to point of preemptive Wolf ambush. Not quite as rhythmically rocking as its wild (singular) predecessor, "At The End Of The Rainbow" honors all things Dio and lead guitar; with its blazingly opening chromatic riff and bashing snare weathered drums, brings to timid mind 1980s style calibration and flair. Olof's exquisite solo, however, is one for the new ages as it goes classically haywire in a Ritchie Blackmore-meets-Yngwie Malmsteen line of reasoning truly reminiscent of said rainbow's eye catching hues. Should Enforcer's sixth album be entirely as assuaging as "Kiss Of Death" and "At The End Of The Rainbow", fans are in for a helluva vindictive (re)treat!