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Raw, but good. - 85%

Mordaine, September 4th, 2005

At first listen this sounds like nothing but static that resembles guitars. After a few seconds though it's actually pretty easy to listen to. This is on the more a aggressive side of black metal and is intense for most of the songs. The riffs are pretty repetative but are good enough to keep the listener interested, and the drums really help make the music as intense as it is. There is one slow song on here(besides the intro which doesn't count) "Dawn of Creations Ruin," which is just as good as the rest and is the least static ridden of all the songs. There is one big problem with this album, its length. It clocks in at around 20 minutes, which is rather dissatisfying because it is great music. If it were longer(with songs as good as these) I would have given it a 100%. So if you're looking for some great raw fast black metal, this would be a great album to check out.