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It is what it is... - 73%

Aetheraeon, January 24th, 2008

Even though they have not been around for such an incredibly long time, “Endstilles Reich” is already the fifth full-length release by Germany’s Endstille. 2005 saw the release of Endstille’s “Navigator” album, which left a lot of people hungry for more and now, after the band switched over to Regain Records, it is up to their new album to satisfy the hunger of the faithful and to convince the non-believers.

If you have heard any of Endstille’s previous albums, you will most likely know what to expect from these German military fanatics. They play a very nice style of war-tinged black metal that is extremely relentless and bleak and that will have you beg for mercy in a matter of seconds. Think tanks, machineguns, lots of casualties, and of course lots of blasting. The guitar work consists mainly of tremolo picking styles and is rather melodic most of the times, which provides a nice contrast with the pounding drums. The drumming in itself is not particularly interesting or groundbreaking, but the sound is nice and organic rather than computerised and that makes this album a lot more listenable than some other black metal releases out there. Sadly enough the bass is drowned beneath the other instruments most of the time, but it does shine through every now and again. The vocals here are incredibly shrill and fit the music quite well, moulding the album into a tight whole.

There may not be that much variation on the album since it is mainly blasting forward like a Sherman tank that lost its driver, there is still something to this album that makes it stick out amongst a heap of other bands that attempt to bring the same style. Be it a certain sense of depth or the fact that it is an all-round grabbing release, the point ought to be clear: this is an album that cannot really go wrong. All the ingredients are there and, though it is nothing incredibly new and refreshing, the conclusion remains that this album just works!