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Mount Carcass - 75%

Nattskog7, August 5th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Metal Blade Records (Bandcamp)

Germany’s morbid old school death metallers Endseeker are back with their 3rd album.

Melodic riffs soar into life before a pulverising HM-2 assault atop ravenous drums kicks us right into a ferocious and yet melodious display of pure swedeath excellence. Immediately albums like “Slaughter Of The Soul” and “Like An Ever-Flowing Stream” are conjured to life with this visceral and majestic instrumental onslaught as ripping vocals complete the monolithic mix. Blistering leads add more technicality while never detracting from the sheer brutality of the rhythmic savagery underlining it. The whiplash grooves and punishing execution of this opus is certainly off to an unforgiving start and the band show no remorse as we charge forth into the tombs. Punchy hooks keep this record a perfect soundtrack to headbanging carnage while an eerie atmosphere drips forth from the charnel barbarity, Endseeker may harken back to an earlier time but do so in a refreshing way that is neither stale nor dull.

Stomping onwards, there is plenty of diversity in the riffs from doomier moments, to the classic d-beat assaults and an unending groove punctuated by stoic drumming that keeps things gripping while not becoming repetitive. Personally I am very glad of the amount of bands taking death metal back to its glory days, especially when the worship of times long gone is not utilising of cheap rip-off ideas. Endseeker blend their love for Swedish death metal with a bit of slower, crawling melodies perhaps adopted from the Finnish bands and present it in a way that is musically tight but still retains the raw charm we all expect with this sound. Is this going to set the world alight and change death metal or innovate? Probably not, but I do not believe that this is the intent at all, rather to preserve the legacy and feel of some of the finest death metal on the planet.

Betwixt melancholy and rampant aggression is where Endseeker lie with their crypt-lurking music that has this pungent aroma that concocts eldritch soundscapes brilliantly. Though there may be some moments that could be kept more concise, the back-and-forth trading of crushing riffs, solid drums and macabre vocals seamlessly flows between ideas with a magnificent amount of high quality ideas. If you seek a huge and solid example of the HM-2 assault being done well with a bit more melody injected into the fold, this is exactly the right record for you. I think there could be room for a bit more diversity in the sound, but overall I cannot complain when the deliverance is this good. I must confess I am always intoxicated by that chainsaw guitar tone too.

A killer slab of old school Swedish-style death metal packed with savagery and melody in equal balance. The most distinguishing feature of this album is that it seems more in keeping with the At The Gates (old) school of morbidity than the more popular Entombed worship. To me, both can be equally excellent when executed well and I deem this certainly is.

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