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Endless Dismal Moan - Ruin

Lot of potential from Endless Dismal Moan - 80%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, August 13th, 2008

With a name like theirs, you can't say you weren't warned by this band whose moan has actually ended (alas!) with the demise of its main member Chaos 9. EDM play an industrial-tinged black metal that has a dreadful chilling feel and features some of the most horrific and malevolent vocals you'll ever hear. The music also makes departures into some very dramatic and even experimental yet still dismal and dark musical territory. To take two examples, "Atmosfear" and "Black Serpent" are very much like excerpts of a horror movie soundtrack with "Atmosfear" being a brief snapshot of a tense build-up to a horrible climax we'll never know about (because the music cuts off) and "Black Serpent" suggesting with its cheesy organ embedded in the guitars that the movie, or part of it anyway, involves a grotesque Gothic vampire circus or sideshow of human freaks.

But probably the stand-out track of the album is "Calamitous Day" which combines oppressive droning organ tones with minimal percussion, the terrifying and raw BM vocal and an atmosphere of dread. A sample of breaking glass used at various moments throughout the track heightens the shock effect of the song which is its own horror flick mini-soundtrack. Being in the middle of the album is ideal for "Calamitous Day": with repeated listenings, it's something to look forward to and also to savour as the album continues after it.

Much of the rest of the album is cold, harsh and aggressive BM with relentless blizzard guitars, machine-gun firing percussion and raw screeching vocals. EDM's sound is clear with a hard, almost machine-like edge and the use of keyboards and effects gives the music a dramatic and urgent quality. EDM's vocalist can sound very tortured - listen to "JYUSO" and tell yourself the guy's faking his agony and pain while the machine percussion flays him alive. The strictly BM songs don't have their own distinct identities - "JYUSO" and "Cage and Chaos" could almost be parts of the one song - but the energy and sharp sound quality take suffering and agony to another level where the only rational choice is between suicide and curling up to die anyway. Outro track "I" takes the black metal into an industrial / ambient realm and - well, what do you know? - that's a hellish place to be in too, with drums bashing wildly, the guitar howling in a void and tones wobbling and echoing constantly enough to send listeners deranged.

At about 35 minutes this is a fairly short album but it packs in a lot where variety of music and impact on the senses are concerned. The vocals can be almost too much to bear - the screechiness is just so raw. Even though some BM tracks are not very different from each other and some of the singing could have been toned down or varied a bit, there is definitely a lot of potential for EDM to delve into different genres of music and experiment with song structures and approaches to writing and playing music. It's tragic then that EDM will never be able to realise its full potential and there is only a small set of works left for the rest of us to appreciate.

Best tracks: "Calamitous Day" and "I"