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Endless Dismal Moan - Lord of Nightmare

Unique And Genuinely Scary - 90%

eletrikk, August 20th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2006, CD,

Chaos 9 was kind of an enigmatic musician within the black metal scene, and it shows. This is the most unique, and scariest, black metal band I have ever listened to. Now, to say that in a day and age where any "TRV00 KVLTIST" fifteen year old edge lord can write a five page essay about how everyone is a poser except for them is an achievement, as the shock value of black metal has pretty much worn away, but Chaos 9 was able to keep it alive within his work, especially this album here.

Mixing is par for the course for a one man band, nothing too shocking except for the drums. Now, Chaos 9 either couldn't or wouldn't play drums, so instead he used a drum machine, which I vociferously hate. Even programmed drums I don't like. I've always said to hire an actual drummer if you can't play yourself, but somehow, in SOMEWAY, Chaos 9 made it work. I'll get into the instrumentation later, but the way he mixed the drums it sounds more like a massive, oppressive wall of white noise that gives all the songs a nightmarish quality. It feels like it isn't real, that what you're listening to is some made up dream your head created, but it's all too real. The best example of this is "Griefs". The guitars and bass mixed well, I can clearly hear both throughout the album. The keyboards are very prevalent as well, including the piano pieces like on the opening track "Thirst For Pleasure". Vocals are front in center with this album, and I enjoy it very much.

Instrumentation is off the fucking wall with this album. It's so different sometimes I can't even classify it as black metal, just as dissonance. As I said previously, Chaos 9 used the drum machine in a way that I can even admire, as a chaotic noise-scape that's kinda scary at times. He had it set so that no human could play the drums on a few songs, the most notable being "Griefs", of which gave me an actual panic attack when I listened to it for the first time if I'm being totally honest. It's so jarring to hear, and y'know what else is jarring? The final fucking song Christ Almighty! "Endless Dismal Moan [9 to Death]" is an almost ten minute harsh-noise track with Chaos 9 screaming his lungs out and just playing random notes on his bass and his guitar, somewhat similar to Stalaggh's "Projekt Misanthropia", but genuinely more unsettling in all regards, as instead of a group of people screaming their lungs out to sound like Hell's Choir, it's just one man providing this for us. Other than that, Chaos 9 can play very well. He can provide some good bass lines and guitar parts, and his use of synth and keyboards is also a very nice touch throughout.

Chaos 9 has such an insane voice that sounds like a panther in some older songs of his. It's quite chaotic to listen to, but in my case, it's something to strive for. Something about his painful wails and screams draw me in further and further, like a banshee's crying mixed with the song of a siren. There isn't too much else to say in regards to his vocals. Lyricism is a blank as Takuya never provided lyrics for his work, but I can only imagine what terrors he was conjuring up while writing this shit down.

All in all, I'm obsessed with Endless Dismal Moan. It is the most unique black metal I have ever listened to, and nothing I believe will ever top the sheer, genuine terror of this record. If you can find it, BUY IT, along with any other works of his. Jigokue is also still out there I believe, so go support them as well. Hails to Takuya Tsutsui.

This is the scariest music I've heard in my life - 78%

GuardAwakening, September 8th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2006, CD,

Endless Dismal Moan; the one-man Japanese black metal project hailing from Osaka and consiting of deceased Chaos 9 certainly has a story to tell through his art, and boy does he make one helluva statement. Let me just rid the elephant in the room here: this album is fucking frightening, like unbeliably horrifying stuff; the kind of stuff that you don't want to listen to in the dark alone! The riffs, the distorted 'distant' tortured shriek vocals and even the lifeless drum machine add a unbelievable sense of dread and omnimity. The fact that Chaos 9 committed suicide just adds onto this effect, almost as if his wandering soul is haunting as you're experiencing his art he left behind

As a previous reviewer noted, it feels as if Chaos 9 really had a statement to make with this album, that he was in fact a tortured soul and it comes as no surprise that he ended his own life if this music he made really was a reflection for his inner-self.

The riffs, while repetitive on some tracks, are enjoyable. However, some tracks feature such a mindnumbing repetition to the point where you just feel obligated to skip ahead on them. The song "I.S.L.N.W.D." is an example of this where over 3 - 4 minutes are spent repeating the same riff backed with repeated keyboard lines with Chaos 9's screaming heard in the background. I understand that this composition was probably done to give a desired effect of a hypnotic sense of madness, but for someone who likes variety in his music I wasn't so impressed with the part during the times I heard this song. I can give the song props however for the repetition serving as a build-up to such a delightful ending when arriving to its 7-minute climax.

When I'm reviewing albums that use drum machines I usually don't speak of them much mainly due to how there's not much to praise or hate about a synthetic drum program that serves no real purpose other than just to fill the absence of a human drummer. But here, the drum machine is manipulated in such a way that it takes advantage of the fact that its a program. As I explained above, the lifelessness of a human's absence in maintaining the drums only adds to the sensation of solitude and isolation, further making this album even more frightening than it would have been with a real drummer. Not only that, but the ridiculous programmed blast beats that are beyond the capabilities of human hands (listen to the track "Griefs") make it all the more right for this album. A drum machine was the only way to go with this album, Chaos made the correct choice.

Overall this album is scary as fucking shit. If you can handle the feeling of being stalked by a Japanese spirit whilst listening to some of the most terrifying black metal ever conceived, I'd give this album a spin, not to mention the musician who wrote and performed these songs was exceptionally talented. Where he succeeds in songwriting, he ensures memorability. Where he lacks in songwriting sections, he makes up for frights. You'll find intros to songs like "Thirst" which has a striking resemblance to that song from the BENDROWNED creepypasta series and it's so unnerving.

Is Endless Dismal Moan the creepypasta of black metal? Listen to this album and decide for yourself on that one. Rest in peace, Chaos 9 and thank you for the great music.

Album is scary insight into Chaos9's inner demons - 75%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, July 11th, 2010

Chaos9, sole member of Endless Dismall Moan, must have endured plenty of pain and suffering if this album is any guide to his psychological state. The furious, frantic hammering music acts as a framework for him to vent his feelings and whatever inside demons are harassing him. I sort of feel I'm doing him an injustice to pick at and pull his music apart but here goes: the programmed rhythms may not be anything special, just going bang-bang-bang most of the time, and the riffs are repetitive with little in the way of melody or anything that would make them distinct but the way they go proves sufficient foundation enough to enable Chaos9 to scream and howl his lyrics to the utmost. It's possible the vocals have been treated and distorted as they often sound impossibly long and wavy and their tone is harsh and sandstorm-like. No need for the guitars to have a distorted buzzy tone if the vocals have taken over their role and the guitar sound is clear all the way through the album.

The songs may sometimes start out slow and threatening, if a little bit cheesy as on track 4, but they nearly all launch into a hurricane of fast pummelling rhythms and darkly sparkling, sinister guitars that have a deranged air. The never-ending repetition, while dead simple, have a hypnotic effect and you might feel yourself being dragged into the maelstrom of a mind going insane. Piano on most tracks will not make you feel any better - on the contrary the hard tinkly sound of the ivories following the guitar lines closely just heightens the nervous tension. Additional sound effects like the noise of crying babies in the background may or may not add to the overall hysteria but don't subtract from it either as the instruments do a good job by themselves serving up a banging music storm.

The crowning glory is the last track "Endless Dismal Moan (9 to Death)" which is all guitar tones going spindly and awry, the vocals screaming throughout, heavy muffled thumping beats and a deep bass drone simmering underneath it all. Some quite cheesy-sounding high-pitched tones pass by as if they dropped in by accident but the entire track is just the instruments and voice in a fumbling and cacophonous disarray. The black demons haunting Chaos9 have finally taken over his brain and are pulling his consciousness to bits.

There is a slight tendency for Chaos9 to ham things up a bit (the crying babies, the over-sombre intro to track 4, the B-grade sci-fi theremin drones in track 6) which might make some people think he's not above having fun at listeners' expense. I sometimes wonder if there's not something a bit calculated about what he's doing here but that could be just me over-thinking and letting my prejudice towards crying baby noises and those theremin-like drones get in the way. I'm aware Chaos9 committed suicide in 2008 and knowing this, I'm opting for him having used the kitschy-sounding elements like the crying baby noises as just part of his sonic arsenal to generate certain effects that help explain his mental state when making this recording.

The album is a cold nerve-rending experience and though it's not varied musically, it does prove effective in crreating a particular suffocating inner hysteria. Not an album you want to listen to at night if you're of a fragile nervous nature yourself.

B- - 83%

Lyrici17, December 28th, 2008

Endless Dismal Moan is a one-man black metal band from Japan. Endless Dismal Moan is the perfect name for this band. The man behind it all is Takuya Tsutsui who goes by Chaos 9. “Lord of Nightmare” is the second of three releases, and is in one word an experience.

The genre is first and foremost black metal. There's a fair amount of tremolo picking, and clearly the vocals reek of black metal. However, it is impossible to ignore the insanely obvious doomy touches that are present. "Endless Dismal Moan (9 to Death)" is probably the best example of this doom influence.

Every track on this album is all about creating a mood. A mood of fear, a mood of sadness, and a mood of total and complete helplessness. The music is almost stressful to listen to. Chaos 9 achieved this sound by perfectly mixing certain instruments in certain and very specific ways.

The drums are flawless. They’re done by a drum machine, which I found to be a good choice. Sometimes the drums are slow and haunting, but most of the time they are blaring, jarring, and relentless. The constant super high BPM on both "Griefs" and "Thirst for Pleasure", for example, just make the tracks so chaotic sounding that it only enhances the overall mood and ambiance that is trying to be created. Also, the constant clicking (drum) sound in "I.S.L.N.W.D." was almost hypnotic. I think the drums work so well, because it provides a perfect contrast with the doomy sounds everywhere else in the album.

The vocals are some of the best shrieks I've ever heard. Chaos 9 really sounds like his stomach is churning and his soul is being eviscerated. The vocals are also a little low in the mix, which I actually liked. It sounds like they're being recorded in a stone cellar or down from the hallway that leads to an asylum (or whatever). Again, a great choice made by Chaos 9 that only goes to improve the wonderfully dreadful sound he has. Another thing I like about the vocals is that it seems as though he never says a lot of lyrics. He usually just says one to two words at a time - really focusing on his shrieks being long and full of torture.

There is a lot of good use of both piano and strings. Neither is used excessively, which is why I think they work so well. When they are used, they sound perfect; they fit so well with what Chaos 9 is already doing. The beginning of "Thirst" is perfect example of strings being used to further the moody sound of the record. At 3:11 into "Lord of Nightmare" is a good example of the Piano - it just sounds creepy. Additionally, Chaos 9 throws in other keyboard/sound effects for some good measure, and they are usually spot on. The droning sounds at the beginning of "Endless Dismal Moan (9 to Death)" is a good example of this, especially when the shrieking guitars come in to accompany them, and even more so when Chaos 9 joins in on the shrieking.

The riffs (guitar and bass) are, generally speaking, nothing fancy or flashy. However, they do a great job keeping the songs consistent and uncomfortable until Chaos 9 gets there to shriek and shriek. However, that doesn't mean they're not worthy of mention. In fact I would say the opposite is true. The riffs are actually the glue that hold this entire album together. This album is going for a certain sound and the riffs are what make this overall sound possible. The first couple of riffs at the beginning of "I.S.L.N.W.D." in particular are jarring and make me feel as though I should be frightened.

I’ve used the word perfect a lot in this review. Clocking in at just over thirty-six minutes, even the brevity of the album works perfectly. It’s not that I necessarily think this album is perfect (though, I think it is quite good), it’s more that I think Chaos 9 was going for a certain sound, a sound that made you feel a certain way, and as far as I am concerned he was very very successful in doing just that.

For those of you who weren’t aware, Chaos 9 committed suicide in 2008. Now knowing that he has committed suicide, it makers you wonder whether this band was a cry for help, of if suicide was the ultimate artistic move. Personally, I hope it's not the latter. Regardless, it makes me sad, as a fan of this band, to know that there will be no more Endless Dismal Moan Material.