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Endless Dismal Moan - 陰惨呻

The Most Unique Black Metal I've Ever Heard - 100%

CosmicChrisTV, December 29th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2004, CD,

I don't even know where to begin with this review. Maybe I should start off by saying that this is one of the best black metal albums I have ever heard. It's raw, chaotic, distorted, disturbing, dark, and brutal. This is an instant black metal classic. It's obscure in every sense of the word and certainly unique as well. I don't usually give albums a score of 100, but this one deserves it. Let's get right into the review of this amazing album. This is the self-titled album from the one and only Endless Dismal Moan.

The instrumentation is very complex. The guitars are played in many different styles. Styles such as ambience, dissonance, riffs, and chords. A lot of tremolo picking and broken chords can be heard. Keyboards are implemented into this album as well. The keyboards have a very oriental Japanese sound to them. It almost sounds like Japanese folk music at some points, but a lot darker. That folk feeling is especially prevalent in the song "Kitigai." The drums are pretty complex. They sound programmed, which I have no issue with.

The vocals are incredible. They are just the typical screeching we've all heard in black metal, but they sound very unique to me. Chaos 9's voice is very recognizable to me. I find it impressive, because there's very few vocalists in black metal that I would instantly recognize the voice of. The only other black metal vocalists I would recognize right away are Dead and Attila from Mayhem. In interviews, Chaos 9 has stated that his lyrics are about hallucinations and nightmares he has experienced. I'm not able to make out any lyrics, but the vocals definitely give this album a nightmarish atmosphere.

The atmosphere of this album is absolutely insane. The entire time I was listening, it felt like I was in the mind of somebody who lost all will to live. Somebody who had gone insane. The progression throughout the album certainly sets the atmosphere too. At first, the tracks are heavy with dissonant tremolo riffs played at high speeds. Eventually, the tracks get slower in terms of tempo and contain higher amounts of dissonance. The album then begins a series of dark ambient sequences. Then, the previous type of tracks come back. Finally, the album ends with the darkest ambience I have ever heard in my life.

And that was my review for the self-titled album from Endless Dismal Moan. This was an amazing debut. It's a shame that Chaos 9 committed suicide. The day he took his life is the day we lost one of the greatest and most unique black metal musicians in the world. Normally, when I do outros like this, I state the best and worst parts of the album I am reviewing. I literally can't find a single thing wrong with this album. This album is a black metal classic and deserves to be known as such. My favorite track is Kitigai. Thanks for reading my review.

Decrepit, unhinged and evil - 82%

Daemonlord, July 5th, 2011

Ever wondered what the movies 'Ringu', 'Ju-On – The Grudge' or 'Dark Water' would sound like if they had black metal soundtracks? Endless Dismal Moan, that's what – and this is some truly fucking terrifying shit. Starting out in 2001, they released a number of demos which helped to pave the way for this, which was their debut full length release.

Endless Dismal Moan have managed to encapsulate the entire Asian horror genre into aural form, with discordant hate filled black metal of the highest degree, dissonant chords jangling the nerves, biting deep into your eardrums like an angry pit-bull terrier, shaking and mutilating until your mind is left exhausted through sheer intensity. The vocals sound like someone in dire need of an exorcist, with torturous screams escalating the condensed malevolence to the highest possible level, bordering on insanity. The drum machine doesn't add a great deal to the sound, and does get a little tiresome on some tracks, but it isn't overtly annoying thankfully thanks to its diverse rhythms, and enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. It's really the atmospheres of sheer tormented iniquity which truly makes this album what it is, pushing such bands as Xasthur's extremities to new unfathomable degrees of wretchedness – amazing.

Endless Dismal Moan are certainly one of the best Japanese band's I've heard, and it's well worth testing some of their stuff out… but just don't listen to it if it mysteriously comes into your possession – otherwise you'd better watch out for Sadako climbing out of your speakers when you're not looking 7 days later.

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Darkness embrace it - 100%

Vaargmarth, August 14th, 2008

Recently I discovered EDM and I was seduced from the first second of this release. From primitive blackness of the old days, to more lyrical elements, this album has it all. A combination of styles, all under the black banner, and all full of different emotions and moods.

Amazing riffs, technical but yet extremely raw outbursts with splinters of melancholy and serene bits, and one of the best vocals around! A small dark universe crafted with care and devotion. Atmospheric but solid synthesis, amazing sound production and excellent performance; even the use of a drum machine is so well done that the whole result breaks bones and crushes skulls! You won't escape easily, this album will haunt you. It's one of those exceptions that stuck in your brain but you can't explain it. It isn't something you haven't listened before, not quite, it's not that much experimental even though it has some experimental elements, but the musical genius, weird feeling and song structure does the difference.

Should you like old Darkthrone style, should you like more recent stuff like Watain or Ved Buens Ende, should you like atmospheric music or even harsh dark ambient, all and much more can be found here and far more advanced than the average. Polymorphic yet simple and monolithic black metal of the purest form. One of the best albums I listened and in my top 5 for 2008.

Grating and Unconventional - 100%

ProjektTerror, June 3rd, 2006

Endless Dismal Moan have crafted an incomprehensibly grating and memorable album with their self titled disc. Every moment of this album is completely distinctive and innovative in it's obscure style. Musically, E.D.M. play primitive (not lo-fi), industrialized black metal. The drum machine is integral to the sound, rarely straying from the initial pattern that comprises the song, and also having an incredibly mechanical sound. The repitition is, for a change, not a point of concern. The riffs are unnerving in their dissonance and intensity, and each track has a completely original feeling, avoiding the pitfalls of much BM. The structures remained varied, some 4/4 standard, some off kilter industrial, and some Japanese influenced noise. Chaos 9 managed to pull off some of the most painful sounding vocals to ever eminate from anyone. Avoiding the typical growls and rasps, he manages to create shrieks, screams, and squeals that are simply inhuman. This is the type of music nightmares are made of.