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even more plodding usbm - 43%

Noktorn, October 29th, 2010

Albums like this make me think that 'boring black metal' should be considered a subgenre in and of itself. You know, those bands that seem to have no precise influences apart from trying to sound as black metal as they can? Endless Blizzard is one of those bands, and 'Remember Your Death' is one of those albums, where it gets points for not really sounding like anything else, but loses more points for not sounding like anything interesting either.

This is basically cold, sort of melodic USBM laced with stretches of very, very bland ambient; you know, wind sample and drone type ambient that most people get over the first two times they play with Audacity. Endless Blizzard is notable in their style of Audacity ambient mostly because they staunchly refuse to ever let those sections fucking end; what would be a brief intermission for other bands is an interminable five minute exercise in repetition for Endless Blizzard. I suppose it fits the music which is equally trite and uncreative; it's somewhat odd in that all the riffs seem awkwardly timed, using fairly generic black metal chord progressions but in a very off kilter, seemingly endless sort of structure. This doesn't do much to make the riffs more interesting; it just allows them to be boring in an uncommon fashion.

Basically every song is composed of a handful of these riffs, a lot of blast beats, and the occasional plodding slow section thrown in as an attempt to create variation. It doesn't particularly work since every other USBM band of the past decade has structured their music in a similar way. Endless Blizzard's music is sort of incoherent as a result; a slow passage isn't thrown in because the song necessarily asks for it, but because putting a slow part in somewhere is the USBM thing to do. None of the songs have any real direction- they just meander around a few ideas until the requisite number of minutes have elapsed, and those minutes drone on much longer than they should because the music is so uninspired.

This album really does nothing for me and doesn't seem to do much for anyone else, so I suggest leaving this one be. Maybe if this release was half as long I'd like it more, but as it stands, 'Remember Your Death' is merely another entry in a veritable cavalcade of boring USBM albums that don't need to be heard by anyone.

Endless Blizzard - Remember Your Death - 70%

Zephyrus, July 22nd, 2008

Written for The Metal Observer:

First off, there are no blizzards in California. When I think of winter there I think of rainy days around 45 degrees. With a moniker like ENDLESS BLIZZARD, a locale such as North Dakota or Maine would be more appropriate.

But this review is less about pretentiousness than it is about guilt by association. Pop this disc in and it won't be too long before you say “what is this, LEVIATHAN?” Close enough, I'd say. The geography makes sense, so I wouldn't be surprised if this solo artist got production tips from Wrest himself. It sounds perilously similar. Same goes for the croaky vocals.

Besides the production, ENDLESS BLIZZARD takes cues from Wrest with extensive use of ambient sections. Musically, we have a more technical, rock-out style LEVIATHAN, with melodies more malevolent than melancholy. Mmmm. In truth, the depressive feeling comes only from the necro production.

I see this album's value as a double-edged sword. This will be immediately pleasing to the numerous LEVIATHAN fans, but the fact that there is a superior band playing this style makes you question its worth. Sure this is great stuff, but Wrest does it way better. But hey, “Massive Conspiracy Against All Life” took cues from DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

(Online July 21, 2008)