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Californian hunger? - 70%

PhantomMullet, February 6th, 2012

I first heard of Endless Blizzard back in 2003 when the main guy was one of those MySpace artists with only a few demos and random songs posted on the page. As soon as I heard the title track, "Beyond the Frozen Gates", I immediately recognized a similarity between Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. The demo as a whole has a very light but blurred sound. It's a good mix because you can picture those cold, endless nights as soon as the music starts. What is more interesting is how lighter, more subtle production gives off a sense of faint tranquility in the heart of the bitter sounding themes.

For the most part, this is still your average black metal release. The riffs are memorable, but you've probably heard very similar ones somewhere else before. Roskva's vocals don't have a very distinguishable shriek and all tracks follow a similar formula. I will say that some of the lyrics are audible, which is extremely rare for a raw black metal demo like this. You can easily hear the guy scream "beeeeyond...the frooozen gaaaates." But if the atmosphere isn't the least bit intriguing to you, there isn't much else here that may stick. Still, there's nothing entirely objectionable about this demo and if you happen to stumble across this and you've only heard a little black metal in your time, you may appreciate this as a decent, amateur style release. (It can actually be considered a decent example of the genre as a whole)

I wouldn't go too far out of your way to get this, but I would give the guy credit for excellently displaying that wintry imagery despite being from the warmer and totally ungrim California. Yeah, it can be boring sometimes, but much worse could have been done here.