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Endezzma – Erotik Nekrosis - 70%

Asag_Asakku, December 7th, 2012

Like some deliveries, an album production can be particularly difficult, even painful. Thousand of incidents may occur and complicate independently working artists’ tasks, a finding that applies perfectly to Norwegian band Endezzma. Founded in the 1990s under another name (Dim Nagel), it released a single demo before falling into silence. It resurfaced in 2007 under its new name and launched this time an EP called Alone, which was critically well received. But troubles continued (especially due to an unstable line-up) and first full-length production took forever. Height of tragedy, one member (Trondr Nefas) died, while song writing work finally ended. It makes you wonder if Erotik Nekrosis is not a cursed album.

This combination of efforts and difficulties still manages to offer an interesting result. Unlike most of their compatriots who prefer cold environments and repetitive rhythms, Endezzma members offer rather a black metal strongly tinged with rock, even glam sometimes, through unusual keyboard sounds. Indeed, song writing revolves around effective and catchy riffs (furiously giving envy to tap feet and raise fist) over which are added layers of piano and other ambient sounds. This gives excellent songs such as Junkyard Oblivion and Enigma of the Sullen, which should unleash hell in mosh pits during concerts. However, the band is a little less convincing when it slows down its pace.

Following songs, without being bad, break the rhythm developed since the start, with a dragging tempo (Hollow) or uncertain harmonies (Swansong of a Giant). Band probably wants to illustrate its influences’ variety and avoid the linearity trap, but result is not convincing. Fortunately, group manages to conclude in force with two catchiest songs.

Despite a difficult process and long years of waiting, members of Endezzma finally released a first album that has its own identity, through songs relying primarily on efficiency. Strength of this record is based on very good riffs scattered over most songs, tailor-made for live performances. Apart from a few average and quickly forgotten titles, Erotik Nekrosis is a very good melodic murky and dirty black metal album, which provides good entertainment for anyone who appreciates the genre.

Originally written for Métal Obscur.