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Promising. Promising in deed. - 72%

Corimngul, August 24th, 2006

Encounter recorded, mixed and mastered this demo in five days. The result is nonetheless a remarkably good contemporary heavy metal recording with powerful production; well worth the eight euros it costs (shipping included). Encounter has a history in the field of thrashier music; a fact, which sets its marks. There’s crunch in the guitar, bass and drums harmonize through soft passages and short calm interludes lining the longer, more intense sections.

The musical energy and traditional rocking song compositions encompassing both rhythmic and melodic qualities are however not the treats that stand out the most. The vocalist Peter Rung and his voice are worth both one and two praises. His voice is original and powerful at the bass end of the spectrum. He stretches himself, which makes it more personal, but in the most forced parts he’s a little too weak. This one shortcoming he will probably sort out ‘til next time. While he actually is quite good at what he’s doing, he’s not really the cord virtuoso that it takes to carry off On My Way, which is mostly him singing only accompanied by the keyboard.

All around, this is quality work in atmosphere, musicianship and songwriting. The latter is most open for improvements though, I mean why should Five Hours of Sadness lose tempo – and then turn into an interlude sounding more like an outro? Bloody Crosses’ zeppelin of asskick gas is punctured by those short spoken parts! It remains one of the best songs though, among with the distilled testosterone that is Soldier and Not Atoned, the most fulfilled song composition-wise that Encounter’s made.