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Meh - 52%

DMhead777, December 13th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Maggot Stomp

Death metal and grindcore is a pretty good mix. I like what both genres have to offer and when bands incorporate both genres correctly, it can sound pretty kick ass and unique. Unfortunately, Encoffinized does not incorporate both genres in a good way. I know this is their first release and I don't want to be too hard on them, but I have heard way better than this. There are all these elements of it sounding good on paper: solid gutturals, fantastic drumming, and low tuned guitars. I don't understand how those three things made this album sound so mediocre to me.

The first thing you'll notice here are the growls. Chris Johnson's voice is suitable for this type of band. It's very guttural, and has a good mix of what vocals in a death/grind band should be. He growls fast in some of the songs towards the end of the release, but slows it down for the majority. The thing that really impressed me is the drumming by Max Baxter. His timing is all over the place and keeps things super interesting. When the double bass kicks in, it really helps out the songs have a bit of groove. That's probably my favorite thing about this album and really made it stand out for me.

The aspect of "Chambers of Deprivation" I didn't really care for are the songs itself. Now, I am not going to over analyze grindcore songs, but these are really boring. Every song has the same type of lyrics. They are all about violence, while in itself isn't a problem, but a lot of the lyrics repeat themselves. This is a 22 minute album and I'd like to hear something different. It seems like these guys played it safe and the lyrics are pretty bland. Besides for the drumming, I would say that the songs are too long for this type of album. The first five songs are around three minutes and the first song being four and a half minutes. I feel like this type of album all should have two minute long songs that really shows what these guys have to offer. Unfortunately we get these longer songs filled with uninteresting bits.

It's not a terrible record by any means, but I feel like these guys can do better. I will follow up in the future to see how their band progressed. I do think that a lot of the songs should have been cut down and added some more speed and solos to the songs. The drumming and vocal work is really good and shows they have promise. As it stands now, I wouldn't be able to recommend this release.

Recs: "Crushed at the Left Hand" and "Interdimensional Abominations of the Dark Abyss"