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Another terrible singer. - 80%

grimdoom, May 19th, 2007

This band combines mid-period Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride to create their own (arguably) original sound in that they never sound too much like the aforementioned. They’re speed is more of a moderate mid-paced tempo throughout the cd.

The guitars go from distorted to clean (periodically). The bass and the drums are more or less standard with a few odd time signatures from the drummer here and there. Musically speaking, there are some good ideas on display here, the melodies and song structures are well put together. Some of the weaker points about this would be some of these ideas aren’t expanded upon or stop abruptly, but this is a debut after all.

There are only two real flaws on display here; the thin production and the singer.

Too many Doom Metal bands have been pulled under due to poor singers and this could be a/the reason they are no longer around. His spoken/clean vocals are fine and should have been used more often. His Death vocals (if they can so be called) make it sound as if he’s trying to shit a boulder throughout the entire record.

In conclusion this is a great debut album from a band with perhaps one of the worst vocalists of all time. If you’re looking for something good check these guys out.