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Enchanted Sword - Chapter 1: Hero Reborn

Ultimate battle of good and evil - 80%

VladimirCokorilo, December 22nd, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Nav Records (Limited edition, O-card)

It's a rare thing to come across a band that properly fuses epic black metal with power metal, with known examples being Bal-Sagoth, Númenor and Stormlord. The familiar trait of such bands is the common use of epic fantasy as the main lyrical theme, but in most cases it's usually something to do with Tolkien's literature or even George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice saga, which for some listeners might be a bit too redundant and rather anticlimactic, especially if they're looking for something that's not Middle-earth or Game of Thrones related. However, Enchanted Sword from Serbia is a different story. Their fantasy concept is completely unique and has nothing to do with either of the mentioned writers, which you can read all about on their official Bandcamp page. Their debut EP "Chapter 1: Hero Reborn" is here to tell the story of their warrior's path and his epic battles.

The EP starts with the track "Path of Solitude", which begins with a neoclassical keyboard part before kicking off with aggressive guitar playing and blast beat drumming. From here on, there are a plenty of riffs that switch from slow mid tempo to faster guitar parts, with an instance of galloping on the track "Of Dragons and Magick". Songs also have a wide range of leads and neoclassical solos on top of these riffs, double bass drumming and blast beats on tracks "Path of Solitude" and "Against the Nightly Serpent", with Volkh's harsh singing along with clean back vocals on choruses. The only song in particular that stands out from the rest is the final track "Ruins of Arcadia", due to not having any black metal elements or Volkh's harsh vocals. The song is very classical symphonic power metal in similar vein of bands like Rhapsody and Edguy, consisted of clean singing along with female vocals by Dragica Maletić, with double bass drumming and palm muted riffs with neoclassical solos. This song isn't bad by any means, but it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the EP and it feels like a whole other band completely. The other issue that I have beside the final track are the leads and solos, which sound a lot like MIDI guitars. These leads and solos do fit well with the riffs and vocals, but production-wise it's very hard to look past the fact that they sound programmed and not played on actual guitars.

Beside a few issues that were mentioned above, I still find this a rather interesting and well thought EP. Sure it's far from perfect but at least it's a solid start for a new band that managed to fuse black and power metal, which is quite unheard of in the Serbian metal scene, other than Númenor being the primary example of such songwriting. I was quite surprised and a bit skeptical at first when I heard that Volkh and Ivan Radnić joined forces in creating a music that would have its own unique fantasy arc. Luckily, the doubt was finally put to rest when I heard "Chapter 1: Hero Reborn" EP when it came out, it was surprising as it was thrilling to listen to it for the first time, especially when I heard the songs "Path of Solitude", "Warrior’s path" and "Of Dragons and Magick" which still to this day sound amazing. If you're fan of bands like Númenor and Bal-Sagoth, but you haven't checked out Enchanted Sword, I highly suggest you do.