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Mein bratwurst has a second name, It's T-H-R-A-A-K-E-T-H-R-A-A-E-A-T-E - 74%

caspian, June 19th, 2021

Ayyyy this is pretty fun. Last Encenathrakh I heard was Respekt, which was satisfying on a "this is very chaotic and technical" kinda level, but didn't really offer anything besides. Thraaaaaasksdfnsdfnsdfnsdfisfb is really quiet different, keeping the best parts of the demo while adding in a whole lot of extra muscularity and actually playing a recognisable riff or two.

I think it's the drumming that makes it. Like Lightning Bolt on a huge amount of meth, Walter really beats the shit out of his kit but throughout it seems to be a very physical experience, not doing a George Kollias thing of doing those light almost jazzy style rolls at a billion BPM, it sounds muscular, it sounds incredibly manic, it is worth the price of admission alone. Whereas last time the drums were supported by some guitars that could charitably be called "completely improvised" here there does seem to be a fair bit of thought, there is actually a very obvious, almost thrashy riff that starts off Ggorngth. Things on the guitar front are certainly more conventional this time round, some weird off time kinda-slams, a lot more stuff that could be safely defined as a riff, the two guitars operating in a much more coherent, traditional manner. Sounds like the guys actually planned this instead of both of them writing guitar lines while only hearing the drums.

It's a much darker album. Respekt came across as a huge forceful expression of life in all it's beauty and ugliness, but on this one there's a lot more of that nihility that you get from most death metal, I think just as a basic consequence of how it's all dependent on riffs. I'm not sure if this bothers me or not.. it is what it is. All up, I guess I'd just summarise in that while the first time I saw this band as a cool experiment and little more, this album is certainly the real deal and a pretty thrilling ride, and yeah, worth getting for the drumming alone.