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The Prelude To The Final Empyrium Masterpiece. - 100%

Chainsaw_Gutsfuck, March 31st, 2005

This 7inch EP serves as a bit of a teaser for the upcoming and final Empyrium full-length, Weiland, and boy does it not disappoint. This EP shows Empyrium’s progression into more melancholic and classical realms.

The guitar work is amazing as always, creating wonderful classical compositions with tons of atmosphere. The guitars are all acoustic similar to that of the preceding full length. The Difference here is the atmosphere. The Atmospheres on this EP are much darker and the songs much slower than on the previous full length.

Also the reintroduction of acoustic drums differs from that of the preceding full length. Schwadorf brings back his percussion skills and heightens the atmospheres with his wonderful drumming.

The Vocals are also done in a more grandiose and operatic fashion. With Helm handling much of the vocal work, we do not get to hear Schwadorf's wonderful deep voice. But this is not a bad thing as helms lighter more operatic style fits the atmospheres perfectly.

This EP stands as a taste of what to expect on the final Empyrium album, Weiland. It shows Empyrium's progression into a darker realm and it also showcases helms wonderful voice. A perfect little EP from a Perfect band, Empyrium never disappoints.