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Best to Avoid Demonseed - 22%

BurningPentagram, April 28th, 2014

I initially began listening to Empyrean Throne because the album was produced and promoted by the epic black metal band Xanthochroid. I figured a band as good as them would have good recommendations. Unfortunately, I have been let down.

Empyrean Throne call themselves black metal, but I have to wonder if they have ever actually heard any black metal. Nothing on this release seems at all black metal to me. It really is just death metal and actually some parts are quite deathcore sounding. The riffs often get recycled and overused on this EP. The drumming is not always tight, but does show some serious chops at times. The guitar tone is mostly terrible. The bass seems non-existent at times. Despite this, the production is still ahead many other underground bands. The vocals lack real power or emotion behind them and are reminiscent of mediocre deathcore bands. The lyrics range anywhere between passable to completely contrived and are often repetitious. There is nothing poetic about what they offer.

In terms of composition, I have heard it all before a hundred times. The songs are predictable and often boring. This EP is only about 25 minutes long and it was a struggle to get through. The riffs remind me of Winds of Plague and are embellished with keyboards and a cello to give a faux “epic” feeling. That is not to say every bit of the album is terrible, there are some good ideas, but they are unfortunately never realized or explored at all.

The Empyrean Throne lads need to take their craft back to the drawing board. This album might be fun to hear live or listen to in a garage while drinking cheap beer with friends, but it really feels incomplete and undeveloped. It seems that Empyrean Throne was more eager to release an album than to actually write good music.

The bottom line is avoid it. You can hear the worst the album has to offer in the track "The Fascist Messiah" with its cringe-worthy spoken-word opener. The best part can be heard in "Follow the Plaguelord," which has a pretty compelling intro and is probably the strongest song on the EP but any momentum it had gets lost in repetition.