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Empty Throne - Glossolalia - 90%

bonnoz, May 30th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Wise Blood Records

If you don’t know anything about Empty Throne, I wouldn’t blame you since this is the first music we have ever heard from them. To give a small introduction to the band members, Gabe Seeber, Ex live member of Abbath/Decrepit Birth/The Faceless and current member of The Kennedy Veil. Jason Ellsworth, member of Angerot and Suffer. Mike Pardi, ex member of Possessed and Xasthur and current member of Innerfury and Psionic. Chad Petit, current member of Angerot, Suffer and The Blinding Light.

So it is a very experienced band to say the least. Empty Throne has made a deal with the great label Wise Blood Records to put their release out on CD and tape on May 7th. The ambitious label has done some great signings and Empty Throne is another one that is right up my alley. So thanks to Wise Blood Records for introducing me to Empty Throne.

The three-track EP is, needless to say, filled with so many riffs/tempo changes that some people will get overwhelmed by this. Not me, I absolutely love the subtle changes that occur during the EP. From extremely fast tremolo picking to mid-paced headbangable death/thrash metal riffs. One of the most memorable riffs that is on ‘Glossolalia’ is without a doubt the 2:07 riff during the opening track ‘And All Shall Know Its Name’. It isn’t the most technical overly done death/thrash riff but it does the job so good.

During the second track ‘The Day Has Come’, the opening of that song should be in a cheesy spaghetti horror flick from the ‘80’s or from a Cradle Of Filth song. Either way, it works with the death metal that Empty Throne serves us. During this song, a lot of people will decide whether Empty Throne should be classified as a ‘technical’ death metal band. This is partly true. They do have an amazing technical drummer that takes the whole band to a next level and that is the only ‘real’ technical aspect to Empty Throne. Empty Throne does like to play with genres, let that be clear, however I, personally, wouldn’t call them technical. Maybe an all round death metal project. Something like that.

I just arrived at the last song of the EP ‘My Flesh The Temptation’ and I realised that the vocals do remind me a lot like the vocals of Damien Boynton (Ex-live member of Vital Remains). Damien’s vocals are one of my favourites and I’m glad that the vocals of Chad do remind me of his vocals.

Over all, this EP is one of the strongest releases I’ve heard this year without a single doubt. If something to look forward to, is more material from Empty Throne. I really enjoyed this EP and if I would have to give a 0-10 rating it would be a 9 without a doubt. Go and pre-order/order this through Wise Blood Records!