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Poorly produced quality BM - 82%

Mourningrise, August 21st, 2003

Ok, lets get one thing straight. I am a HUGE Emperor fan. I have everything they have put out, including bootlegs and such. I have 8 of their t-shirts, including 2 long sleeves. I am a diehard fan. This demo is good music wise and atmosphere wise, but production wise, it is bad (not as bad as some other albums by other BM bands though.)

The vocals are loud, overpowering shrieks that have an echo effect added to them, probably to make them sound more "grim and necro." They are pushed way out in the mix to give them that extra feeling of evilness.

You can't hear the bass except for a loud buzz that permiates the entire demo.

The drums are actually pretty good. Samoth is on drums, and he is pretty damn good, even at their relatively young ages.

Ihsahn is on vocals and guitar. There are some very catchy riffs throughout this album, but they can be hard to hear at times because of the buzz that comes with them. I already discussed the vocals, so no need to go over that again.

Overall this is a good demo, better than most BM demos of that time period. You can already tell that this band had something. With their debut full-length, In the Nightside Eclipse, their potential was fully realized I believe.