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Brilliant - 93%

Black_Metal_Bastard, September 9th, 2003

This is the one and only Emperor demo, the infamous Wrath of the Tyrant, and it rules! The production is not even as bad as everyone says it is. After all, it was recorded on a 4-track home studio, so what do you expect? The music is not up to the level of technicality that it is today, but it is still good for the time period and the equipment it was recorded on.

Ihsahn's vocals are perfect for this, as they retain that necro feeling that the music brings out. The drums are played by Samoth and they are really good, not as good as Faust or Trym but still very worthy. The guitar is kept high in the mix and the riffs are catchy on songs like Ancient Queen and Lord of the Storms. The bass is a constant buzz, sounding like a chainsaw, but it's alright.

Mortiis wrote the lyrics, and it's a damn shame that they weren't printed in the booklet or anywhere else for that matter, because they have to be very poetic and enchanting.

This is one of Emperor's finest moments, and it already showcases the talent these guys have at such an early stage in their career. All hail the Emperor!