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In the Nightside Eclipse - 94%

Lars_Stian, April 10th, 2017

Emperor's ''In the Nightside Eclipse'' is such a majestic album. The atmosphere, much accompanied by the brilliant synth, is otherworldly, and it's no wonder why it's considered a classic.

There's a whole ton of tremolo picking regarding the riffs. Though there are instances of power chords and palm muting and even pinch harmonics, it's fairly accurate to say that the riffs pretty much solely rely on tremolo picking. The riffs are played relatively low on the fretboard, however they are very melodic for the most part. What really makes this album so special, however, is the synth. Few can make such extensive use of synth actually work, however ''In the Nightside Eclipse'' is a perfect example of how to use synth properly.

The production makes the guitar and synth blend together, which makes it so dynamic and majestic. The synth is so amazingly done, rather than just being a backing instrument, it often takes the lead role. It's the synth that makes the album so atmospheric and epic. It sounds so sinister and haunting, yet quite melodic and sad. It blends in perfectly with the guitars, which plays more typical black metal riffs.

I do like the vocals quite a bit. They are quite a lot softer than most black metal shrieks. They sound quite sinister in its whispery, raspy shrieks, and they're due to their softness, their quite good for those not used to black metal, who wish to get into the genre. If I were to liken the vocals to any, I'd say they sound a bit like Donald Duck at times. The lyrics are very good, actually, and, with a bit of tweaking, could probably be passed off as poetry. Though they may seem vague at the first read, they eventually start to make more sense, and they're quite intriguing, and are very interpretable.

The bass guitar is pretty much inaudible, however this is quite common within black metal. The drums, however, are quite good. They are somewhat buried in the mix, so they're hard to make out at first listens. The speed is quite impressive, especially the speed on the cymbals. The fills are really great, though they're not so diverse. Nevertheless, the drumming is good, it's a shame that Faust is such a cunt.

I would recommend this album to all metal fans, however, in all honesty, how many metalheads can truthfully they've never heard this album? It's a classic for a reason, and it's perfect for those who aren't too familiar with black metal.