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Better than these people say - 83%

LordPJosephC, March 25th, 2004

This album, "IX Equilibrium", is better than most people whom have reviewed it on this site say. Though it isn't as good as "Prometheus", this is still a strong release.

This album's black metal screams are mediocre: In my opinion, black metal screams altogether are mediocre, and on this album the black metal screams aren't exceptional at all. The clean, almost operatic, vocals are OK. The pseudo-power metal extremely high-pitched singing vocals (which appear on track 4) are hilarious; These have to be some of the worse vocals ever in existence.

The guitar work on this album is pretty good. Nothing exceptional, though still good. The acoustic work on tracks 8/9 is good, though. Drums on this album are quite wild, with many blastbeats. Trym is a good drummer, though he does have the tendency to blastbeat every 30 seconds.

The keyboard work is the best part of the album. The keyboards are usually very atmospheric and add a good aura to the music.

In total, this is a very good Emperor release, and it deserves more credit than what it has received.

BEST SONGS ON RECORD: "Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers" and "An Elegy of Icaros"