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Classic Black Metal - 93%

mercyfulfate666, August 4th, 2004

This is an interesting realease. This is the re-issue of Emperor's first EP and an early Demo from the band. The first four songs are from the Emperor EP and the rest is from the wrath of the tyrant demo.
The album starts off with the classic "I AM THE BLAck Wizards." This song is a classic. The qualitly of the recording on all the tracks isn't the best and even though remastered,were kept close to the orignal sound. This gives all the songs a grim and "necro" feeling, sometimes making it harder to get into this album. The EP continutes on with other classics such as "Night of the Graveless souls," and "Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times." By now if your not into this album...your not going to start to like it anymore because the "wrath of the tyrant" demo has a very raw recording with most parts of the songs unclear. MOst of the time you can only hear the drums behind Ihsahn's whailing vocals. These song you have to listen to very closely over and over again to really hear them in a good way. AFter listening to this four or five times you realize that the songs are very good but you just need to give them a chance. The stand outs from this demo are "Ancient Queen," "My Empires Doom," "Night of the Graveless souls," and "Forgotten Centuruies."
Over all this is a great release from the band and gives you a good history of the early sound of the great black metal band Emperor. I really dont recomend this for first time listeners because it is very raw, even though this is the album I started with. Just give this a chance if you dont like it the first few times...its a classic