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Interesting - 80%

webermg, October 10th, 2003

This one consists of 4 songs from Emperor's early days, two of which would go on to be featured on In the Nightside Eclipse. I believe Mortiis is still playing bass here, though that could be wrong.

Of the two ItNE songs, there's not much to say. Essentially the same songs, with a weaker keyboard sound, fuzzier guitars, and a generally more amateurish production job. I prefer the ItNE versions, but some people like the rawer sound on this EP.

Wrath of the Tyrant is an ok song, though they had better ones from the demo of the same name. I would have preferred a rendition of Ancient Queen or Witches Sabbath over this one.

Night of the Graveless Souls, on the other hand, is great. I wish they would have gone on to include it in the lineup for ItNE. It's short, fast, and to the point. It would have been better if they left out the keyboards entirely though, they sound kind of silly.

Not a bad EP, and gives a good representation of Emperor's early sound. If you desire something rawer, the Wrath demo might be what you're looking for.