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the black hills consists of black souls - 98%

TowardsMorthond, September 1st, 2011

In the splendor of pure representational structure, Emperor’s music explores a dark and morose fascination with existence as the journey to the depths of nothingness, in the fullest creative intention of magnificent nocturnal atmosphere and expressive melodrama.

“He is the wind, He is the storm
He is the woods, He is the roots
Nobody will escape the wrath of the tyrant
Forever the beast shall wander the earth”

These songs are vast realms of imagination substantiated through the nature of arranged development, creating sweeping majestic atmosphere through theatrical keyboards and grand harmonic expansion to produce a soundworld through which is portrayed the beauty and meaning in darkness and ‘evil’. Ghastly screeches from the abyss of the tortured spirit give conceptual expressive definition of violent radical passion against standard convention, shrieking forth from a Romantic perspective of noble separation and freedom of independent spirit over necro-toned guitar riffs of ominous shape, structured in the classical music tradition of unfolding sequential communication, while lucid melodies stream in extended phrases of illuminating brilliance. Restlessness of spirit is symbolized in well-defined, continuously active, fluctuating rhythms, guided by excellent rhythmically intuitive drumming with impressive handling of quick and precise tempo changes, propelling motions of speed with ambient-style percussive pulse, with fast momentum-enhancing fills marking measures in the beat-pattern and rolling pace of determination in mid-paced and slower movements.

“All these landscapes are timeless, and this is all just a part of cosmos, but all is
mine and past and future is yet to discover... Much has been discovered, but
tomorrow I will realize I existed before myself. I will be reborn before I

Produced with a clarified raw and natural sound, with emphasis on guitar tone but satisfying definition and detail on other instrumental elements, this four-song EP represents Emperor at a peak moment of inspiration and creative purpose. Conceptually esoteric in an aristocratically spiritual sense, what fuels this cryptic, feral music of Romantic hostility and its themes into realization is sublime veneration of pure and wild nature and seething hatred for the fraudulence of the human social order, and a motivation to artistically communicate these sentiments in a form that awakens primal essence and stimulates imagination into the stars.