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Innovation! - 100%

Saddie, August 8th, 2004

Emeth's debut album sounds to me like brutal death, made carefully. Besides being an extremely devastating album, "Insidious" shows that Emeth use several resources, such as permanent bass, guitar or drums solos, plus great job in the voice. There's an excellent instrumental part in every song, and all of them have a special place in the album. "Impermanence Of Being", the first track in the album, starts with an ascending intro, as "Aeon" closes the album softly, descending from guitar riffs to clear keyboards. All the other songs remain that idea, using different tempos and riffs. At last, I'd state that "Insidious" has shown that Emeth will have a great future inside extreme metal scene, not only because of the capacity of the players, but also because it has a lot of energy, and the sound engineering was excellent for such a great job.

100% Recommended!