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Good stuff mate! - 89%

OffSet, March 2nd, 2006

I met Emeth in a flyer i found on the floor in an ABORTED show (I suppose his guitar player should had placed it hehe). As a Brutal lover I am I wanted to know how it was supposed to sound like with the guarantee of a member of a quality-based band.

Their sound is related with Brutal Death Metal. Very powerful and straight forward with some groovy parts in a kind of SUFFOCATION way but even faster and more based on speed. Drums sound like a fucking M-16 from the beginning 'till the end really (have a look to the few first seconds on "Impermanence of Being" p.e.).
Voice is really crawly, so gutural, I like it. Low tuned and high sound level. Sometimes they'll remain you to bands like KRISIUN (check "manifestation" p.e.) when playing between likes of fast drumming and chaotic tapping. DISGORGE may be pointed out as another big influence for them I think. In their slower parts they sound like a brutalished MORBID ANGEL with the anger of some INCANTATION riffed style. Anyway, don't expect a clone band, they sound really cool and fresh, like no one else clone.
That's a perfect album to listen in your car when you feel blastbeast-thirst. There's no way for charity here. It was released in 2004 so, even with a optimal production for a "beginner" band, expect a big surprise for their next album which I think it's gonna be terrible.