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The Reptilian Spawn - 100%

Erebus_Unleashed, May 18th, 2011

My first thoughts; dissonant as hell, raw as hell, brutal as hell, chaotic as brain is full of fuck.

The aforementioned adjectives best summarize my sentiments on this underground gem know as 'Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy'. Let us delve a little further into how defined this release truly is. This is just some of what it takes to get a perfect rating out of me...

The band is bent on absolutely pounding one's face through the remains of one's skull upon the first track's succinct drum intro. The drumming does well to set an example for how their specific sound is cultivated, due to the speed and unrelenting strength of the blast beats-along with quite a few other techniques to appease the attention deficit. The guitars are distorted to a level which rivals that of antimatter, which does much to add to the particular atmosphere one feels with each passing track. The mixing is quite well done; the bass and vocals, though slightly pushed back, cut through decently; the guitars are a focal point in the mixing, due to their over-the-top contribution to the aura of madness exuded by tracks like the title track-it being the best example. The overall technicality is a little questionable-though there are plenty of riffs thrown about, not very many seem to obtain a sense of coherence in context to the lyrics-but that is easily overlooked in the sea of pure brutality and raw sensibilities that has done oh so little to satiate my lust for metal or ease the burden on my ears.

Now to ruminate over the negatives.............................the production was slightly lacking, and a few of the tracks-over time-do blend together somewhat; however, to be honest, I REALLY couldn't care less about that, especially since this album has sincerely impacted how I view this quasi-technical deathgrind hybrid style heard in their peers(i.e. Gigan).

Summation: This album is BEYOND enjoyable. It should be mandated that any individual whom deems themselves a deathhead pick up both this album and their new one. I will more than likely NEVER regret buying this.


A Must Have Album - - 96%

cerebral_carnage, March 22nd, 2008

Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy is one sick album, imperative for every Death Metal fan to have. Everything about the album is awesome right from the cover artwork to the brutality of the music itself.

The band has a unique sound that can be well differentiated from other bands in this genre. Double bass brutality and snare drum madness runs throughout the entire album along with a mixture of vocals ranging from predominantly low pitched guttural, to the intermittent high pitched screams and the occasional extended death grunts. The guitar work is heavy, technical and never yielding.

There is incorporation of progressive, jazz and tribal material which is evident in the album titled track 'Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy' and the track 'Usurping the Secret Society'. But If your into pure incessant brutality, not to worry - 'Blade Enforced Butchery', 'Repto Sanguine Analysis' and not to mention the rest of this kick ass album will leave you satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

All this adds to the unique sound and aura this band creates. Makes me wonder about the band name - Embryonic devourment. I think they realize that they have their own sound and make sure that other newbie bands still in their musically embryonic state are devoured by the sheer ferocity of their music...hahaha.

I highly recommend this album to everyone who loves death metal in general and this is a must have album for all technical and brutal death metal fans.