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Sewage Coated Goregrind - 100%

rebecca, March 19th, 2006

In these days of a million and one bands coming out sounding like some mixture of your dads porno collection and computer generated blast beats, its harder and harder to find quality underground releases like the one I’m about to tell you about. It’s always refreshing for me to hear bands that use a real drummer and give off that old skool integral vibe ( as you probably would have noticed) and Embryonic Cryptopathia definitely didn’t disappoint me, bringing some intensely heavy goregrind with their newly released full length entitled “Gore Splattered Hymns of Maggot Infested Cavities”. Embryonic Cryptopathia is made up of a few members of Pyschosadistic Haterapist which also sparked my interest in them; anyone who’s heard them should already have an idea that these guys definitely know what they’re doing.

Gore Splattered Hymns… starts off with some weird intro from probably a b grade horror or something my ignorant self wouldn’t recognize, followed by 12 B-R-U-T-A-L goresoaked groovy tracks sound totally in that old skool necroharmonic-styled vein but with a fresh approach.

The album is packed with mainly sludgey goregrind but at times there’s some semi - upbeat riffs and groovey breaks scattered through and this makes for a pretty diverse sound all in all. The fact that Embryonic Cryptopathia doesn’t have a bass player is kinda surprising too considering that solid sound they manage to get. The production on this album is kinda muddy I guess but it suits the dirty feel and the constant spewing vocals these guys have perfectly, not to mention probably bulking that guitar sound up a bit. The fact that Embryonic Cryptopathia doesn’t have a bass player is kinda surprising too considering that solid sound they manage to get. Older LDOH grooves and Patologicum’s sick chaotic grind springs to mind in comparison, although it’s hard to pick any direct influences when listening to the actual album.

Track 2 and Track 12 are probably the standouts on this album; Track 12 possibly being one of the catchiest songs on the album, maybe ever? I’m told that it’s a carcass cover, buuuut I think that may possible have been said to annoy me and an attempt to change my mind about Carcass. Plus the rest of this album is way too fucking good to use that against them anyways. That initial weird into thing is repeated in track 12 too, probably the only downfall of the album, they sorta sound forced and misplaced. The album flows brilliantly with those aside.Embryonic Cryptopathia come across to me as being one of the more promising bands I’ve heard lately, these dudes have a fuckload of potential, and anyone who’s into their sewage coated goregrind would do well to check them out.