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A good vision of what death metal should be. - 75%

Avaddons_blood, February 7th, 2009

This little demo was released in the glory days of Swedish death metal, when all the greatest Swedish death acts were popping into existence. Many acts however did not stick around. Many only released 1-2 demos and disappeared. Embryo is one of those bands who ended their career with only one demo.

I wouldn't call this demo a legendary gem doomed to obscurity, but I it makes a strong case for such. It's dark, evil, mysterious and horrifying. The quality of riffs vary however. Some are exquisite samples of horror and mayhem, some are a little too simple for their own good. These riffs are where the demo finds it's strongest faults. With every great riff though out riff there seems to be one thrown in riff that does nothing for the listener. It's a shame because most of the other aspects of this demo are of high quality, even the production isn't bad. It's still a good little demo, much better than I expected it would be. The vision is there but the riff writing is just not up to par in some places.